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About our company

Bastion Builders discovered MudBots 3D concrete printing in 2021.

We found that their vision of the construction industry aligned seamlessly with our own.

Allow us to expound on that vision...

We utilize cutting edge technology to take 3D printing to the next level in the residential arena; by incorporating basements and second floors to houses in a manner that had previously not been attempted, due to former technological limitations.
Our vision is to offer high quality energy efficient construction; in a time frame that serves to save our customers money.

A Team To Get You There

Project development begins with our skilled team of professionals that excel in their fields. Pioneering the industry with open minds and humanitarian hearts, they're constantly evolving and adapting to industry demands and opportunity, as they unite to propel our mission to embrace and expand our capacity. 

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4303 Frontage Rd
Helena, MT 59602
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